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Worksheets to support the learning of parts of the UK National Curriculum for Science, for:

​​• Key Stage 3

​​• GCSE 9-1 (including exams set by Edexcel, AQA, OCR and WJEC).


​​Each worksheet links to COVID-19, while covering and testing parts of the standard Middle and High Schools curriculum. The first page contains information and learning for the student, the next page contains questions (including research). The last page contains answers and information for educators (versions without the answers are also available below). Further details about what each sheet covers are here.

Every so often, I write some free resource material, which I put up here. All materials are free to download and distribute

On this page are COVID-19 themed worksheets, COVID-19 themed worksheets without the answers, other miscellaneous worksheets, some resource packs developed for 11 - 14 year science teaching, some course guides for projects that I have worked on and some sample materials.


COVID-19 Worksheets (no answers)

These are the same as those above but without the answer page.

Publication guides

Exploring Science Extra

These themed packs were published at regular intervals to provide additional resources for teachers using the third edition of Exploring Science (for 11 - 14 year olds). They were designed to support learning at certain times of the year (e.g. chocolate for Easter). The packs are now quite old but may still contain things of use.

Sample materials

Samples of a Student Book chapter (biology), worksheets (chemistry) and teacher guide (physics) for Exploring Science: Working Scientifically.

Dr Mark Levesley

Science Education Writer

Some free resources